Don't Believe in Evolution?

Well, then I suppose everything I’ve said in my other posts must appear to be quite ludicrous.  Here’s the deal: evolution happened.  Are you reasonably intelligent and willing to change your mind when faced with good arguments and quality evidence?  Then you might want to take some time to review the following resources I’ve compiled.  If not, please, troll away.

A Thoughtful Article from a Former Fervent Creationist Turned Evolution-Backer

A Christian site's "Top 10 Signs That You Don't Understand Evolution"

A Simple Crash Course on Evolution (Video)

A Good General Resource on Evolution

Excerpts from a Book Detailing the Evidence for Evolution

Video Discussing Evidence of Speciation

Countering the top 25 Creationist Arguments

Countering more Creationist Claims

Thorough Examination of Creationist Arguments