The word "Tao" literally means “path” or “way.”  Taoism, like many other Chinese philosophies, utilizes the
concept of Yin and Yang extensively.  This idea and symbol represents the dualistic yet interconnected aspects of nature.  This blog will focus on the differences between the Faith and Reason dichotomy.  Specifically, it will provide a comprehensive and accessible analysis of the true nature of Faith, and then detail the specific benefits and methodology of the path (Tao) of Reason.  Given that one needs to fully comprehend the true nature of Faith before understanding the need for Reason, each post will build off of prior ones.  Thus, it is highly recommended that the reader start from the beginning, and read each post in chronological order.

On a side note, given that the author of this blog is a former Christian living in a predominantly Christian country, much of the analysis regarding the elements of Faith will be based on this religion. Sorry Zoroastrians :-(

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